Welcome to MASH!

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Welcome to Acadia's Math & Stats Help Centre (MASH)! Our goal is to help you with the mathematics or statistics content in your courses. This is a peer-tutoring (free of charge) service.

Who can use the MASH Centre?

Students in any INTRODUCTORY math or stats course can use the MASH centre during our drop-in hours to get some hints and help.

Students taking mathematical business or economics courses who have questions about statistics are also welcome to use the MASH drop-in centre during statistics times. The tutors MAY be able to help, although your questions may be in unfamiliar contexts.

Where is the MASH Centre? 

First floor of Huggins Science Hall. 

When is MASH open?

MASH reopens Monday, January 25th, 2021.

MASH is closed on Heritage Day (Feb 15th) and Winter Study Break (Feb 16th).

Information about support for introductory mathematics and statistics courses is listed below. Note that "V" represents virtual support and "IP" represents in-person support.  To access our virtual support, visit MASH Team.


The study groups are an opportunity to work through additional problems each week with your peers and a tutor.  Feel free to drop in at any point during the term.


What should I bring?

Please note that our tutors are not allowed to do your homework for you. Students should bring their class notes with them to the MASH Centre and the tutors will help them understand what they have been shown in class.  They will work on examples similar to homework problems. Students should come prepared with specific questions.